October 21, 2007

Irony for Dinner

I’m not very good at eating out by myself. I love cooking for myself at home, making nice dinners and eating well, but there is something hard about going to a restaurant alone. I did that tonight, though, at a place down the street where I have been before, so it didn’t feel so strange. I took a book and sat at a small table outside. It was a lovely night, warm and clear, and the place was crowded. The people right next to me were a young couple. She was wearing a sparkly diamond, and they were planning their wedding. Or rather, they were planning the reception. She was very concerned that the guests not see the place where they would have dinner until after the cocktail hour. He had suggestions that she seemed to find helpful, but mostly (I thought) he just agreed with her. I wanted to ask them if they had thought about the ceremony at all, but, of course, I didn’t.
I ordered guacamole and it was very good. And I read a chapter in my book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, called “Eating Neighborly.” It describes a diner in Vermont with a menu of food that comes from within an hour’s drive, a place with the slogan “ Think locally, act neighborly.”
I’ve been in Washington for a week now, and I haven’t seen an avocado tree anywhere. But I ate the guacamole and enjoyed it even though it wasn't consistent with "neighborly" behavior. And I wonder if it would have been a neighborly thing to do to ask that couple about their vows and the prayers and promises they would be making for their lifetime.

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