February 1, 2009

Spring is coming!

Some doubt the truth of global warming. After all, we have had one of the coldest, snowiest Januaries ever. But yesterday, at the bird feeder right outside my dining room window, there was a robin. I cannot recall seeing one here this early. And he (or she) was right there -- up close, in full feather, and beautiful. I wonder if the bird felt out of place in this frozen, icy wasteland, where the only accessible food is that supplied by someone who goes to the store and buys bird seed. Does that bird wonder what happened, why the seasons, the warmth, the wind, whispered "Go home. Go home," far before it was really time to fly? I don't know why the robin is here, but I do know that he is beautiful. I have never seen one so close up. I have never seen one in the depth of winter. But here he is and his presence is the promise of spring, of new life, of hope. So...thank you, Robin, for coming and renewing my faith, restoring my hope, and proving that there is and will be spring!

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