January 8, 2011

Snow Day

It is January in New England. We should not be surprised that it is snowing, but we are. Somehow we traipse through winter thinking that we are in control and so we do not expect the disruptions of weather. Well, it has snowed, traffic has been snarled, events have been cancelled. And the world is beautiful. This snow is soft and fluffy, and it is piled on tree branches and bird feeders and porch rails. The snow muffles noise, and the usual sounds of hurrying are mostly silenced. People are out shoveling or pulling sleds, or inside with hot chocolate. And part of what is beautiful about the snow is that it makes us pause. A snow day – when you are in the right place – is a blessing. A snow day is a way for us to obey the holy command: “Be still.” Perhaps we ought to declare a snow day for the soul every now and then, regardless of the climate.

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