April 5, 2012

Washing Feet

We come with our bare feet exposed – one of the most vulnerable parts of our body. We offer them to the pastor and it is an amazing experience both physically and spiritually. The warm water flows over feet that have been crammed into shoes all day, and the feeling of soothing release is wonderful. And another person –one that we have not paid to massage our toes and paint our nails, one how does this only in love and obedience – cradles our feet, pours water over them, and gently dries them with a freshly washed towel. We usually keep ourselves fashionably covered, protected from view and exposure, encased in something fashionable that gives us our external sense of identity. But here we are with our bare feet, given over into the hands of another. It is a kind of radical intimacy. And we are served and honor and humbled, all at the same time. It is a powerful act that brings us to our knees. And we are bound in a new way to each other and to Jesus, who is so present in this act.

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