August 6, 2009

Peace and Beans

When I was growing up, it was rare to see a grownup sitting down in the evening without a pan of beans or peas to shell. It was a perfect activity to go with story-telling, conversation, or gentle motion in a rocking chair. Last night I shelled and peeled the fat fava beans I got at the farmers’ market. I don’t know how long it has been since I have done something like that. But it brought me right back home to the farm, and I had that deep peace that I feel when I am there. The beans were done all too soon and I will enjoy cooking and eating them, but maybe I will savor the peace of their preparation the most.

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Anonymous said...

So happy to see the kitchen is once again open! What a perfect reflection & reminder before the summer runs away...TY for taking time from your busy schedule to renew your appreciative "customers"