May 15, 2010

Saturday Sabbath

This is the busy season at the place where I work. It seems there is too much to do in the time we have over the next ten days. I have several things I need to complete before Monday, and I probably should have worked on them today. But it was a perfect May day. The sky was clear blue, the sun warm but not hot, and there was a little breeze blowing. So I hung the wash outside on the clothesline. I bought yellow begonias and planted them in my pretty blue pots for the front porch. I filled the little fountain in the front yard and got it going. I read a little bit. And tonight I will have dinner with friends.

The peril of technology is that there is no escape from the workplace anymore. It used to be possible to leave the office behind when I went home -- no more. Now it follows me everywhere, like a stalker almost. The scripture says that even God rested, took a deep breath, in the midst of work. So today I practiced being God-like -- I rested, I breathed, I played in my yard, I visited with my neighbor. And God saw that it was good.

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