May 2, 2010


The flowering trees are like slightly wild party girls on their way home from a raucous night out. They are dressed all in pink and white, but now starting to look a little tattered. They are strewing confetti all around them. The petals litter the sidewalks and the gutters, mixing with the sand left over from winter, looking almost like snow, except for the pink and the rose color.

The peas, on the other hand, are not at all like these extroverted sorority girls. They poke their little green heads up out of the dirt, cautious and timid, as though they are not quite sure what is waiting for them. No wild abandon for them!

The hosta unfurls itself, and the lettuce and the spinach and the azaleas applaud. The world is very beautiful, and there are more shades of green than the eye can take in, more than the heart can count.

In the beginning, God saw that it was good, and, by God, it still is!

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